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Meeting the HR community in Pärnu city

On Thursday of last week, it was a pleasure to meet with the Pärnu HR community in the Metsä Wood office and introduce new and exciting directions in the assessment of managers in the context of both recruitment and development.

Some practical recommendations for a managerial candidate to improve their performance in a job interview

Well-known US comedian Jeffrey Seinfeld has said humorously about job interviews: “Let’s face it, romantic dates and job interviews have more in common than it seems at first glance.”

What does Parkinson’s Law say about the time, deadline, and procrastination of a work assignment?

C. Northcote Parkinson (1909–1993) was a British maritime historian, lecturer and writer who formulated the humorous law that has become famous today in the economic journal The Economist in 1955.

Our morning seminar “Hogan personality tests in Estonia & Dark Side of the Personality”

We are glad to announce that we had our second client seminar on June 14th this year that focused on Hogan personality assessment tools.

Do you want to involve future subordinates in the selection of the team leader? Please consider one possible perceptual bias!

Often, in the later stages of the selection process of the team leader, the meeting of the candidate with future subordinates is also planned by the company.

Strategic thinking: What is it? How to evaluate it in a candidate? How to inspire future leaders to think strategically?

The ability to think strategically is a powerful tool with such importance in decision-making, problem solving, innovation activities, etc. What is meant when talking about strategic thinking?

What´s in store for us in 2023?

What are the issues that leaders and HR must focus their attention on in the new year? I will give a brief overview of the conversations I had with top managers, HR executives and also entrepreneurs in the last weeks of December.

What did the founder of Salesforce think when he talked about the mindset of the Beginner (Japanese shoshin)?

I recently listened to an interview with Salesforce co-founder Marc Benioff on  Yahoo Finance. He stressed the importance  of keeping  a “beginner´s” mindset in business and management.

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